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Lynn in the CanyonImagine your life, only brighter,

glowing with joy and fulfillment.

That’s what I see for you.

Hi. I’m Lynn Willoughby, professional intuitive, portrait artist, teacher, and author. You might say I’m a Life Artist since I approach life as though it were my finest creation. Whether I am painting your portrait, writing your story, or speaking with you privately, I see your inner light shining through, reflecting the You that you were born to be.

These days you can find me at the corner of Intuition and Creativity, a magical place where we speak the language of the heart, and Imagination is set free to invent anything from a simple piece of art to a life so compelling it takes your breath away. Feel free to color outside of the lines here.

I’m waiting here to . . .

. . . guide you out of the scary places.
. . . put the zing back in your life.
. . . connect you to your all-knowing heart.

Please take a look around my site. Whether you are interested in taking a class on intuition or creativity, booking a private intuitive consultation, or commissioning a book or a portrait, I’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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“Maybe the best gift Lynn has helped me uncover is this—knowing, finally, that there ARE no limits. I can go as far as I choose to go. That gives me stupendous hope. That’s how I see Lynn—a Hope-Giver. In my book, there’s no higher calling.”
–Dale Allen, writer

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