I was a forty-two-year-old history professor living in Charlotte, North Carolina when my life took a sudden, supernatural turn. Visions began to break into my conscious mind foretelling my future. A car wreck, a home I had yet to buy, and an unplanned move to the mountains–these were a few of the revelations that rocked my belief system—or should I say disbelief system, for until then I doubted the existence of all psychic phenomenon. Ever the researcher, I began to study intuition with fervor. I especially wanted to find a way to access my own inner voice whenever I wanted, not just when unexpected insight struck me blind. With every book I read and class I took, my world opened a little wider. Soon it looked nothing like the brooding corner of academia that I once called home.

After I left my tenured professorship in history, I began teaching classes in intuition and working individually with clients. Between 2004 & 2007 I returned to school again, this time to earn certifications in life coaching and six-sensory professionalism. Combining my intuitive and life coaching skills, I found that I had the skills to help my clients through their darkest, most confusing times. What work could be more gratifying?

Author and Publisher

One afternoon soon after leaving academia, I was typing away on my first commissioned historical piece when an unembodied voice just off my right shoulder startled me with this message: “Tell stories.” At that point in my life, I wasn’t that surprised to hear the voice, but I was surprised by it’s directive. Of all the sage advice I could have received, why this? I later realized that those chapters I was working on that day begat other commissions. Over the years, writing and editing services developed into publishing skills. As I added art and intuition to my toolbox, I came to understand how “telling stories” is the theme that unifies all these modalities. With words (written and spoken) and with pictures (on canvas and via my imagination), I tell stories. It is my greatest wish that these stories heal.



After a decade of buying art supplies but having no idea what to actually do with them, I bartered life-coaching services with an Atlanta artist who introduced me to the world of painting in 2006. (Thanks, Alicia Griswold!) Painting helped me see the connection between heart and hand, between intuition and creativity. It also gave me another voice for “telling stories.”
In the course of experimenting with various paint mediums and techniques, I found to my great surprise that I had a talent for painting oil portraits. But more importantly, I discovered that the act of painting itself filled me with joy and gave me a new perspective on even the most mundane scenes of everyday life. Why had I waited so long to follow my heart’s guidance? So many years wasted! Now, whenever I feel drawn to a new pursuit, I don’t wait so long to say yes.