Lynn Willoughby's - Clairvoyance Is Only an Insight Away - BookClairvoyance: Insight is Only a Daydream Away

This light-hearted, do-it-yourself guide takes the mystique out of clairvoyance with clear, step-by-step techniques and down-to-earth advice, all written with heart and humor. Willoughby demonstrates how easy it is to employ one’s imagination to communicate with the non-verbal, intuitive right brain, using the universal language of pictures. With no more effort than it takes to daydream, you can become clairvoyant overnight.

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What Readers are Saying About Clairvoyance…

“I have just finished reading your book on Clairvoyance and I absolutely loved it to bits! A whole new world has opened up for me and I can actually see images and do readings for myself which is quite amazing for me as I’ve never been able to visualize before at all – I just couldn’t do it and the more I tried the harder it became, so it really took me by surprise when I found I could do the simple exercises in your book.”
— P. Palmer, UK


“Clairvoyance–Insight Is Only a Daydream Away is unequivocally a Wow! book. The introduction set the tone of excitement for an unparalleled adventure and, page after page, Lynn Willoughby delivered. I was stunned by how relevant and enlightening the very first exercise was. And each exercise thereafter increased my confidence and my thirst to know more. Best of all, Willoughby’s voice is so deliciously conspiratorial that I felt like I was sneaking off with a Ya-Ya Sisterhood wizard every time I opened the book.”
— Dr. Jo Williams


“Wow…a book that delivers what it promises…these really are techniques that anyone could use to instantly become a clairvoyant.
— Naurene M. Antoniotti


“In a one-on-one conversational tone, this book provides guiding explanations and exercises that develop the reader’s ability to listen to her/his inner voice. It’s evident that Ms. Willoughby was an award-winning teacher. A highly recommended purchase.”
— C. Price


“I enjoyed this book because it encourages YOU to access and interpret your own clairvoyant experiences. Going with the idea that the answers to all of life’s questions are inside us – we already know the answers and the trick is just accessing that part of us that’s lets us know – this book uses imagination to unlock our inner wisdom. I like that idea. I would recommend this to another person and have actually.”
— D. Kirkland


“Dr. Willoughby has taken the woo woo out of clairvoyance and made it a practical tool we can all use.”
— Dr. Glen Walter


If you are a beginner desiring to discover and incorporate clairvoyance in your own life, you couldn’t pick a better place to start than Lynn’s book. If you are a seasoned professional, I dare say that even you have something to learn from “Clairvoyance, Insight is Only a Daydream Away.””
— Steve Templeton

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