“Lynn Willoughby is both a gifted intuitive guide and a healing force for all. You can be assured you are in the best professional soul care when working with her.”
–Sonia Choquette, Author of Trust Your Vibes & the Psychic Pathway

I’m waiting here to . . .

⇑ guide you out of the scary places.
★put the zing back in your life.
♥ connect you to your all-knowing heart.

Don’t waste another day living in confusion and inertia.

A private consultation will give you the crystal clarity you need to get moving again. By connecting you to the deeper meaning of your life, I can help you . . .

✔answer life’s “unanswerable” questions.
⇐ offer direction when you are feeling lost.
♦ break through your inner and outer roadblocks.
✚ make peace with the past or present so you can sail on to an unlimited future.

What to Expect in Your Session

Before our appointment even begins, I will have already begun to open my heart to yours. With my mind’s eye I’ll see images that describe what’s really going on in your life and what internal shifts need to take place so you can find peace and fulfillment. After we discuss my initial insights, you will have a chance to ask questions–perhaps regarding a relationship, a decision that has you stumped, or something else troubling you in your personal or professional life.

By the end of our session, you will feel as if a stone has been lifted off your heart. You will know what to do next. You will feel both peaceful and energized. A consultation usually takes 50 minutes and can be conducted in person at my home or by phone.

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What Lynn’s Clients Say About Lynn

“Lynn has been for me a very generous and gentle “accessor”. Each time I have talked with her I have gained some necessary insight, been encouraged and empowered to pull off another layer of misperception and misunderstanding, edged ever closer to life lived joyously.”
–Dale Allen, writer

“Our discussion was transformational! I can’t think of words that express my gratitude, so I’ll just say thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
–Laura Pierce, senior business and systems analyst

“Lynn Willoughby is the real deal — a true, intuitive, powerful psychic. What sets her apart from so many is that she uses her gifts with her whole heart and soul. A reading with Lynn is a deep soul encounter.”
— Joel Fotinos, publishing executive

“Thank you for helping me find a road map for my life!”
–Keith Seitz, Graphic Artist

“Dr. Lynn has a gift unlike anyone I have ever known in that she has the uncanny ability to present information in her sessions that contained such profound personal truths for me, that I began to suspect she had been following me around my entire life, looking over my shoulder.”
–Steve Templeton, motivational speaker, & trainer

“I could feel Lynn’s gifts even before we spoke on the phone for our first session. I sensed that I was safe in her care, and that I could allow her to truly see me. That freedom to be seen was a treasure in itself, as was her beautiful ability to see me and to convey what she saw in a genuinely caring way.”
–Niki Constantino