Christopher Baxter’s Sky Styx

Even with aching joints, stiff muscles & old injuries we can all learn powerful, joyful ways to strengthen, move and balance. Bring your body and mind to the mat and meet this playful, practice partner that inspires and motivates, builds  confidence and unlocks greater freedom of movement.

  Deb Osgood’s YogaKnees

Yogaknees® are designed to provide support and comfort to your knees when they are placed on the earth, mat, or any hard surface. You will immediately feel the kindness of our exclusive blend of resilient, proprietary cushion and performance-grade ultra-soft fabrics.

 Windee Willoughby Windee Willoughby, Certified Medical Qigong Therapist & Teacher –

Medical Qigong Therapy activates the flow of your internal life force — the vital energy called Qi in Chinese. When your Qi is strong, it flows freely through your body, healing every cell and generating a deep, lasting sense of well-being. By clearing away blockages and increasing your overall vitality, Medical Qigong Therapy refreshes every dimension of your being — physical, emotional, and spiritual.

 OTooles Farm O’Toole’s Herb Farm, Madison, FL –

A certified herb grower located on the outskirts of the small, sleepy town of Madison, in central North Florida. The farm, situated in the middle of land owned by B’s family since the 1840s, conveys a sense of beauty and peace that is sorely needed in today’s hectic world. Visitors enjoy strolling around the gardens & through the greenhouses or visiting the two old cracker houses converted into retail shops & studio space.

  Laura Pierce, High Priestess of Web Design

With a mother’s heart, an artist’s hands, and a techie brain, there’s no obstacle she can’t conquer in creating a custom website for any personality/profession.