For me, a portrait should be more than a good likeness of someone. Whether of a living or departed pet, child, spouse, or parent, a portrait becomes a permanent reminder of a loved one’s unique spirit, as well as their outer charms.

As I paint, I see each subject as their creator sees them–as a reflection of their shining inner light, and this is what I try to capture on canvas.

Working from a cherished photograph, my aim is to capture the essence of one joyous moment in time, a moment you can hold forever close. It’s a priceless gift to give yourself or someone you love.

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All I need to get started on your truly original oil portrait on canvas is a clear photo or two and a 50% deposit. After we discuss what you’d like included in the painting, I will quote you a price based on the loose guidelines below.

Pricing Guidelines

8″ x 10″ of face only, $95, unframed

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11″ x 14″ of face only, $135, unframed

16″ x 20″, $185, unframed
(Ideal subjects for this size are pets’ or children’s’ full body or an adult’s upper torso.)

Quotes available for more than one figure &/or a larger canvas.

Here’s a good example of how I bring a portrait to life. Below left is the original photo that I worked from. And below right is my painting.

Photographs: Thed Portraits: Thed

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