The Planet Needs Your HealingSpend a moment drinking in the fond thoughts sent your way by all the people you have touched this season–your family & friends, the stranger you held the door for, those who received a thoughtful email or a bit of encouragement from you.

INHALE how you matter to them. Receive their blessings.

EXHALE affection back to them. Send them comfort and joy.

INHALE their good wishes for you.

EXHALE and send them a hug, a smile, or a giggle.

INHALE healing.

Exhale healing to all the people on Earth, including …

the poor,

the lonely,

the broken-hearted,

the angry,

the hopeless.

INHALE God’s peace.

EXHALE that same good feeling to the planet.

Now, more than ever, the world needs you to pass it on.

The Planet Needs Your Blessing

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