It was 1:30 a.m., and she couldn’t sleep. Shannon switched on the light. The book on clairvoyance that she’d ordered from Amazon lay on the night table. She’d only half-heartedly ordered the book, more to support her friend, the author (yes, that would be me), than to learn how to develop her intuition. But with nothing better to do in the middle of the night, she decided to try the first exercise.

The directions said to imagine a plant, any plant, and she would later learn why. Shannon closed her eyes and imagined . . . a cactus? Yes, this life-long resident of Indianapolis saw with her mind’s eye a desert cactus. Surely she was doing something wrong because this plant was not in the least extraordinary, just a bland shade of green with some prickly parts.

The book directed her to look again and see if there was anything unusual about the plant. That’s when she noticed these whitish “bulbs” hanging on it. That was certainly unusual. She looked back at the book to read what question her intuition had been answering. The question was “How would your life be different if you followed your heart?”

Shannon scratched her weary head. How could this cactus be describing what her life would look like if she merely gave her heart more rein? Those white blobs were especially confounding, but she was too weary to pursue it. She closed the book and went back to sleep.

After she awoke for the second time that Saturday morning, Shannon went shopping for a Christmas present for her boss. With nothing particular in mind, she wandered into a gift shop, hoping that his gift would find her. A few minutes later, she noticed the glass cases holding the precious stones and crystals. One in particular caught her eye. Gray and sparkling and shaped like a cactus, this “South African cactus amethyst” was flecked with white facets. Ah ha! The cactus with the “white blobs” that she had seen with her mind’s eye in the intuition exercise flashed into her mind. Even though her head doubted that her supervisor would appreciate this odd-looking gem, she decided to follow her heart and buy it.

Crystals have been used for centuries because of their healing properties, and many believe they can induce positive changes for both the mind and body. Since different crystals are said to have different properties, she was eager to learn more. At home Shannon googled “cactus amethyst” and discovered this stone is also called “spirit quartz” because it quickens spiritual growth. She also read that the cactus amethyst is “useful in work environments, working in groups, as well as for . . . team-building activities.” Now she understood why this stone was the perfect gift for her boss. Reading further, Shannon also discovered that the cactus amethyst is known to be “extremely helpful in all areas of psychic awareness.”

Shannon’s Story

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