Shower PowerHave you noticed this? You have a problem that you haven’t even articulated yet, just a niggling feeling of imbalance. You hop into the shower with the day’s demands weighing on you. You expect to stay only a minute, but all that luscious warm water feels so good, you can’t tear yourself away. You’re unaware of the passing of time or anything else except how good that water feels hitting your chest, your back, and the top of that hard, hard head. It’s as though someone pushed your brain’s pause button and interrupted play. The worries wash away with the grime, and without realizing it, you enter . . . the God Zone.

Out of the blue, a “knowing” blooms inside you. You find you are holding a solution to a problem or a piece of information you lacked. Most of these insights are small and so inconsequential they hardly get your attention. You remember where you left your umbrella. It occurs to you that you need to call a loved one ASAP to check in. These things happen so often we rarely acknowledge what a gift they are, but occasionally the insights can change lives.

Many years ago, before I cared a whit about the practice of intuition, I had already begun to notice that my shower was my “go to” site for revelations. I even joked that God lived in my shower.

One morning while standing under the flow, it dawned on me to introduce Tom and Lisa, two friends of mine who were both single. Why had I not thought of this before? I asked myself because it now seemed so obvious that they were made for each other. When I called each of them, the conversation was almost identical.

“Hi,” I said. “God told me to introduce you to a friend of mine.”


“Yep. The one in my shower. Meet us at seven.”

“Well . . . if you’re sure it was God . . . okay.”

No sooner had we seated ourselves in the steakhouse booth that night than the sparks began to fly. It was love at first sight for my two friends, who soon married and are now bringing up two bright-eyed boys. Today as I look at their smiling Facebook family album, I am reminded that Grace flows just like water when we open to the flow.

Shower Power

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